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Selected Cases


Notable reported cases we’ve worked on over the years.

M&M Editorial Team

Safeguarding Shareholders’ Rights and Upholding Corporate Integrity in Landmark MOMPL vs. PCPP Case


In a landmark legal case that unfolded in the Malaysian judicial landscape, our firm represented a shareholder of PCPP Operating Sdn Bhd (“PCPP”) in a dispute against Malaysia Offshore Mobile Production (Labuan) Ltd (“MOMPL”). The matter revolved around MOMPL’s attempt to hold the shareholders personally responsible for all debts amounting to a staggering USD 100 million owed by PCPP to MOMPL. The core issue centered on the concept of separate legal entities and the potential lifting of the corporate veil. If allowed, could expose individual shareholders to the financial liabilities of the company.


Navigating the intricate legal terrain, our legal team devised a comprehensive and robust approach to defend our client’s interests. We strategically argued against MOMPL’s claims, emphasizing the fundamental principle of separate legal entities that shields individual shareholders from the corporate debts of the company. Our legal strategy involved a meticulous examination of corporate structures, financial transactions, and legal precedents to establish the autonomy of PCPP as a distinct legal entity. Furthermore, our legal team addressed the complex issue of lifting the corporate veil, presenting compelling arguments to demonstrate that such an action was unwarranted and would undermine the foundational principles of corporate law.


In a resounding victory for our client, the High Court granted our motion to strike out MOMPL’s claim, absolving the shareholders from personal liability for PCPP’s debts. The High Court’s decision not only validated the sanctity of separate legal entities but also set a precedent reinforcing the importance of respecting corporate structures. Subsequently, MOMPL pursued an appeal in the Court of Appeal, but our legal team, with unwavering diligence, successfully defended against the appeal. The Federal Court also denied leave to appeal, thereby conclusively affirming the High Court’s decision. This triumph not only safeguarded our client’s interests but also contributed to the jurisprudence surrounding corporate law and the limitations on piercing the corporate veil in Malaysia.