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Notable reported cases we’ve worked on over the years.

M&M Editorial Team

PNB Discharged in High-Stakes Garnishee Battle – Defending Against a USD 227.7 Million Judgment


Perembun Stex Corp Limited initiated garnishee proceedings against Petroleum Nasional Berhad (“PNB”) to enforce a substantial judgment sum of USD 227,685,108.00. This legal dispute stemmed from a judgment obtained by Perembun Stex Corp against Republik Islam Iran. Acting as legal counsel for PNB, the garnishee in this complex matter, our firm took on the challenge of opposing the garnishee proceedings with the aim of safeguarding PNB’s interests and challenging the enforcement of the substantial judgment sum. As the legal intricacies unfolded, our legal team devised a strategic approach to navigate through this high-stakes garnishee claim.


Opposing garnishee proceedings requires a nuanced and comprehensive legal strategy, and our approach was meticulously crafted to address the complexities of the case. Our legal team delved into the details of the judgment obtained by Perembun Stex Corp against Republik Islam Iran, scrutinizing the legal grounds on which the garnishee proceedings were initiated. We analyzed the relevant statutes, contractual agreements, and precedents to build a strong defense for PNB. Our strategy focused on challenging the legal basis for enforcing the judgment against PNB, presenting compelling arguments to demonstrate that PNB should be discharged from the garnishee proceedings. This involved a thorough examination of the legal relationship between PNB and Republik Islam Iran and the circumstances surrounding the judgment.


In a significant legal victory, team M&M successfully opposed the garnishee proceedings, resulting in the discharge of PNB from the enforcement of the substantial judgment. This outcome not only protected PNB from the financial implications of the judgment but also established a precedent in the legal landscape. The case of Perembun Stex Corp Limited & Anor v Republik Islam Iran is not only a testament to our firm’s legal prowess but also signifies the importance of a robust and well-structured legal defense in complex disputes. The successful opposition of the garnishee proceedings reinforces the principle that careful legal analysis and strategic advocacy can have a profound impact on the outcome of high-stakes legal actions such as this case.